About Me

I am an Indian Muslim. My nationality is certainly Indian, but my Nationalism is frequently under doubt (the beard doesn’t help either). However, that is just all political-shit. Contrary to popular beleifs amongst my religious brethrens, I have never faced any discrimination on account of my being Muslim.

I have grown up to 20s, so the heat of responsibilities is turning up. Now, why did I start writing. Could have been one or more of the following –

  • Like countless others, I think I can write beautifully (it’s all relative)
  • To clean the bin of thoughts in my head
  • To learn the art of expressing opinions
  • To kill time
  • To have another reason to stay awake (no work= snoaring out loud)

    Likes and dislikes:

    I like likeable things and dislike detestable things… See… Simple as that… No confusion.
    P.S. –

    Always remember the wise owl’s proverb “The personal info on social sites is a work of fiction”